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Our History


The San Fernando Valley Iris Society (SFVIS), was founded in 1973, as an organization dedicated to the promotion of all forms of irises found in this large and varied group of plants.

Membership is composed of people from all ages and backgrounds whose common interest is gardening and who have an enthusiasm for irises. Club activities are directed towards learning more about gardening with irises, towards expanding gardening knowledge and towards sharing gardening experiences between members.

Our club is an affiliate of:

The American Iris Society

And, a member of:
Region 15 of AIS



SFVIS holds monthly meetings, many of which offer programs presented by notable local, national or international irisarians on some aspect of iris culture and/or development. The Society holds at least one public horticultural show a year. An important part of all SFVIS shows is a floral design competition featuring irises. 

Some additional advantages of membership include a monthly newsletter, "The Irisarian," a day scheduled each spring for touring selected member iris gardens, and when possible, special day trips to commercial iris nurseries scheduled during bloom season. The Plant Table, offering plants for sale at most meetings, provides an opportunity to select from a wide variety of member-grown plants other than irises. Two Potluck Suppers, held each a year in December and June, are very popular, traditional SFVIS social events.

Membership Benefits


Monthly Meetings


Iris Shows

Local Garden Trek

Plant Table

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Iris Auctions

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